Welcome to Arundel Class!

We are a class of Reception children.



Mrs J Barber

Class Teacher 


Mrs C Ralston Class Teacher - Friday
Miss D Grant Learning Support Assistant

 If you need any information you can contact the staff in Arundel through:

  • Coming in to speak to us briefly when your child arrives in school/when you pick up
  • Making a note in the home/school diary (we aim to check these daily)
  • Contacting the office to arrange an out-of-school-hours meeting with the class teacher (for more pressing matters that require longer conversations)

Your child's book bag should always contain the following: reading diary, home-school diary, your child's current reading book and their sounds book (containing all their phonemes learnt).  Please write a note in the home-school diary if there is a change to the adult picking your child up (even if a parent/grandparent we haven't yet met), this is to ensure your child's safety.

Our daily routine

8:50 The bell goes on the playground and we come into the classroom. We self-register and choose our morning activities.

9:15 Maths carpet time, followed by independent learning

10:10 Snack time and speaking and listening carpet time

10:30 EYFS and KS1 play time

10:45 Phonics

11:10 Literacy carpet time, followed by independent learning

12:00 Lunch time and play

12:55 Register and explore time

2:00 Reading time and book changing

2:45 Story time

3:00 Worship

 Early Years Foundation Stage

At St Andrew's, we believe our fundamental objective is to develop the whole child. Our wide ranging and diverse curriculum ensures children are able to learn through their preferred style and access all areas of the National Curriculum through child centred, fun learning. In the Early Years Foundation Stage, a phase unique in its primary focus on children's Personal, Social and Emotional development and identification of the characteristics of effective learning, our provision enables all children to learn through play and self-initiated activities. Children's social and communication skills are scaffolded and kindness is always encouraged. Their physical development is a priority. Their independence is taught and modelled.

You can find more details about the Early Years Foundation Stage, including a list of end of year expectations (Early Learning Goals) by clicking on this link: EYFS Profile

Children's learning is recorded in the form of observations in Learning Journals. These are shared with parents at regular Pupil Progress meetings and our open door policy means we love parent visitors and drop ins to see how their children are doing!

What are we learning about this term?

What we are learning about

 In Year One, we read at home as often as we can. We also have weekly maths tasks to complete and spellings to learn.


color: #ff0000;">Phonics

We have daily phonics lessons following the Letters and Sounds phases. We use Jolly Phonics up to Phase 3 and begin using Read, Write, Inc letter patters and resources from Phase 4.

  Click here for guide to phonics for parents