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 Welcome to Bramber Class.  Our class teacher is Mrs Cook and our teaching assistants are Mrs Brooker, Mrs Wilson & Ms Bajwa.  As well as our topic work we will also be focusing on our Golden Rules and life skills and how to work collaboratively and be kind and respectful to others


Homework enables the children to practise new skills, carry out independent research and learning, consolidate and learn spellings and multiplication tables.
Learning their multiplication tables is absolutely vital!  Children feel so much more confident when they are proficient at their times tables as this, along with place value knowledge, underpins almost all mathematical tasks.  Practicing with your child at home will support the work we will do in class and help them recall their tables much faster.  
The following is for your information and explains when the homework will be given out and collected in.
Maths problems and English homework alternating between grammar and comprehension will be set on a Monday. This is due the following Monday.
The children will be given spellings to learn at home.  The children will have a week to practise these words and will be tested on them the following Wednesday.  The words will be differentiated and based on the children's phonic awareness and application.
If you have any queries, concerns or would like to arrange a time to come in, please feel free to contact me on my email address:
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